Hello Everybody!

I’m Diane Harrison

Hello everybody! I’m Diane Harrison, a former librarian of 15 years turned non-profit marketing guru. Throughout my time as a librarian, I guided countless people to medical resources in books, encyclopedias, and online. Some were researching for a family member or friend, while others were simply interested in learning more for school or personal research.

It got me thinking that it would be really helpful to not only have a resource dedicated to all things health, but one that was in layman’s terms rather than medical lingo. That’s when I got the idea to create Health PSA. 

Although I’m no longer a librarian and have switched career gears completely, I’m still in a field that revolves around helping others. My work may keep me busy, but we all need a passion project, right? I’ve combined my passion for helping others as well as my writing and researching skills to provide you with a site I hope you can use to gather helpful health information.